what is Whole30? originally designed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig go to www.Whole30.com for all the info you need to get started. Below is my summary. Or go directly to their website https://www.whole30.com


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Have a group of friends you want to do it with and need some guidance, weekly check-ins/meetings, want to share meal ideas and recipes? I will facilitate your group - call for more info 707-758-7681

— Buy and read:

It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

—Whole30-read preface and skim areas of interest-full of delicious recipes

TIME LINE: (sample-what am I in for?) I will lead you through as a group. It is fun and not that hard!!

Whole30 challenge=

1. No time like the present. Just decide to do it and pick a start date. If you really want to be organized follow the time line below.

2. 1 month ahead-purchase It Starts with Food and start to read and begin keeping track of your water intake-goal is ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily. Begin to slowly work up to that.

3. 2 weeks ahead-go through pantry and get rid of temptations that are not on Whole30-or else clear and make space for your food

4. 1 week ahead-start to make a grocery list of foods to have on hand.

5. 2 days ahead-go to grocery store/farmer’s market and get one weeks worth of food. Write down 3 “go to” meals one each for breakfast, lunch, supper-these are meals that you can easily throw together when you are pressed for time or just plain tired of trying to be creative at meal time. Choose something you always like and is satisfying. Mine is bacon and eggs and kale for breakfast, salad for lunch with some kind of left over meat usually, and baked sweet potato, store bought cabbage fermented salad and steak or beef patty. Have the makings for these things on hand. I freeze beef patties and can easily take one out and pan fry it frozen in a pinch with the lid on to help thaw at first.

6. 1 day before-write out a loose menu for the week-at least 3 days worth so when you wake up you know what you are going to have.

DO NOT GET ON THE SCALE DURING THE WHOLE30--weigh before and after only please, your weight may fluctuate during the first few weeks. the options from the toolbar.

Fed Up-I like this new documentary on food, especially how sugar is wreaking havoc in America and on our kids. EAT REAL FOOD.

"Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter, M.D. more reasons to exclude gluten and sugar from your diet.


skirt steak or flank steak-cut up in 1 inch pieces

1 bunch of bok choy cut up in 1 inch pieces

1/2 onion

1 clove of garlic pressed or diced

heat up skillet with 2 T of coconut oil

stir fry the steak til brown on both sides add bok choy, onion, and garlic, put lid on for a few minutes to cont cooking and stirring over med heat