Rhonda Lee



CA Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Being a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH is my passion. Guiding people to optimum health and lifestyle is extremely rewarding. I use positive psychology to help folks find out what their strengths are and teach them how to use them to accomplish their goals. I guide clients to find inner motivation which lasts a lifetime. Once you know which foods to eat and those to avoid - life becomes much easier. Energy is restored, joints stop aching, gas and bloating go away, weight comes off.

I also utilize my training with Dr. Kalish to interpret saliva, stool, and urine tests to find out how well the 3 body systems (adrenals, digestion, detox) are functioning in order to identify the root cause(s) of imbalance is primary to obtaining good health. I can design a plan for you based on science and common sense. I have studied under Dr. Dan Kalish and with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and continue to educate myself because I enjoy expanding my knowledge and helping others.

I am a California licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, working in various settings with many different conditions. I understand stages of recovery after injury or surgery and what is needed to enhance health and healing. I welcome de-conditioned clients and all fitness levels. As long as you have a commitment to improve fitness and health I would love to work with you.

As a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology)

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, level 1,

I can help you find out how to eat to gain optimum health and fitness. I can introduce you to exercises and simple breathing techniques that can help you to lower stress, get a better nights sleep, and feel better each morning and throughout the day. Energy levels are often increased by those who begin to implement the simple changes suggested. Symptoms of common conditions or disease are often lessened or eliminated.

As a CHEK Exercise Coach I will start by assessing you. I gather health history, find out your goals, and do tests and measures to prioritize for optimum results. This way I can design a program just for you that will best serve you and help you achieve your goals. Finding balance in the body is key to health. Often stretching is a big component in the beginning your program. Personal Training sessions are usually 30-45 min. Special prices for personal training only- call me @ 707-758-7681.

As a Water Fitness Specialist, I can create and guide you through a program in the pool which will be easy on the joints, help you gain flexibility and strength, and give you a good cardio workout as well. Sometimes water is the best place to achieve goals along your path to becoming fit and healthy.  

Please Contact me for more detailed information about how I can help you on your fitness journey and enhance your life everyday from now on. 707-758-7681