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I help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel


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Topics include: Adrenals 101, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Tips, How to do the Whole30, Practical Ways to Improve Your Health, Overcoming Infertility.

Now utilizing ADRENAL AND GI TESTING to better serve you!! 

office or in home consults-stress,diet,exercise,lifestyle,female hormones,depression,‚Äčsleep,unwanted weight gain,fatigue

infertility-see below

My name is Rhonda Lee. I am a

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Quality of life is so dependent upon your health. I help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel by identifying and correcting root causes which often show up in symptoms such as: belly fat, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, poor sleep, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, low energy, and fatigue.

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Realize your potential to be healthy and happy by finding balance in your life. Possibilities are endless for your own success, and enhancing well-being. Restoring balance within the body- is key, gently and holistically- identifying your natural hormone levels-(supporting the body while it learns to maintain proper levels), finding your healthy weight, strengthening and toning the body, learning techniques to de-stress, sleeping well, eating healthy nutritious organic foods, and properly hydrating your body. Feel good each day when you awake and look forward to the day with zest! Simple changes can make a substantial difference in your quality of life. Wouldn't you like to have more energy to do the things you want to do and accomplish your dreams? I can help. Read on to find out how.

 I start with an assessment and basic lab testing individualized per you (saliva-stool-urine samples). This information enables me to design your individual program. During the assessment we have a conversation and delve into your history to identify the "root cause" of your problems. My method is based on the three body systems-hormones, digestion, and detox. Most programs take from 2-12 months depending upon your initial health point to regain balance in your body. Allow me to help you to realize improved health and fitness and achieve your goals, utilizing the Kalish Method, and my common sense, straight forward approach.

Fertility- I address 3 main issues with female reproduction hormones-progesterone and estrogen:

1. distribution

2. production

3. timing of ovulation.

We address the Whole body as a Unit together and make a plan to achieve the goal of conception. Being healthy means being in balance: hormones along with other body systems like the adrenals and gut. Saliva samples taken during a woman's 28 day cycle will be our guide to tracking the 3 main issues and how to correct them. A healthy diet and lifestyle are key to optimizing fertility and giving birth to a healthy baby. 


Thank you for all of your support in the process of following the Whole 30 food plan . You were there for us anytime we had questions or concerns. It was invaluable to me that you shared your personal supplies of various drinks, oils, sauerkraut, and other program elements. The educational information you provided such as exercise, drinking water, supplements and sleep were very beneficial and added to the depth of the Whole 30 experience. Your follow-up with us after the 30 day program ended was very much appreciated and made me feel valued and cared for. You are a caring, warm teacher, coach and mentor. Thank you for changing my life!

D.B., Petaluma, CA 2016

I am so happy that Rhonda Lee offered a Whole30 program at my athletic club. She supplied me with both support and recipes. Before I went on the program I had lymphodema and constipation caused by a strong medication I am taking for a chronic condition. In just a few days after beginning the diet both the lymphodema and constipation disappeared. I have felt much better during and after the 30 days on Whole30. A nice side benefit of the program is that I lost 7 pounds.

Madeline, CA

I have been trying for several years to decrease the carbohydrates in my diet in order to improve my cholesterol. Rhonda suggested the Whole 30 to my water aerobics class and I thought I would give it a try. I thought I would never be able to give up grains as I love them and I'm a baker! - but it was easier than I thought - you can do anything for 30 days - and to my surprise my triglycerides decreased to normal! I also lost 8 lbs during those 30 days and I continue to gradually lose weight. It's been so freeing - I love my diet of fruits, vegetables and good quality meat for protein. I still "sprinkle" in some whole grains occasionally but it's not a big part of my diet anymore and I feel as though I've broken an addiction cycle with them.

Beth, CA

 call Rhonda @ 707-758-7681- when you are healthy on the inside it shows on the outside.